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My New Camera!


Ok, so I can’t believe that its the end of August and my birthday was at the beginning of August and I’ve failed to blog about what I got for my birthday! First off, my husband is great! He’s awesome, he’s amazing. He never fails at predicting my needs and wants, even if I don’t […]

Back To School Giveaway Palooza!


Welcome to the Back-to-School Giveaway Palooza Sponsored by: Failing Perfect, Dibsies Personalization Station, Zazzle, Fundanoodle, and Educational Insights Hosted & Organized by: Failing Perfect Co-hosted by: Here We Go Again, Ready?, Intelligent Domestications, Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains, Spaceships and Laser Beams, Peace and Chaos, and The More The Merrier I can’t believe it’s that time of year […]



So I make these to die for brownies and I thought I'd share my little secret right her on MOHTH with you fabulous readers. When it comes to baking, I have no time or patients to do things outside the box. When it comes to cooking a meal for my family, I am all over cooking outside the box and prefer to do so...


I love pinterest! Don't you? I found a recipe on pinterest a couple of months ago that I knew I had to try! I've never made anything remotely like this before, so it was an experiment to say the least, but it was one I'm so glad I tried because these fritters are to die for!! The original recipe is here. I just made a few...
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Last week we finally finished the kid's playroom! Its been a long process. It first started back in April when we started painting it. But I have been waiting ever so patiently for my husband's awesome skills in building things. Ok, I wasn't really very patient....(But I am ooooh so grateful!)...


his time last weekend, we were assembling our family room entertainment center! I am happy to say this morning it is in full use and more beautiful than I ever pictured it! Last Friday night, my husband and I carefully measured...
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Sleep Mistakes Parents Often Make

Sleep? What's sleep? You probably cannot remember the last time you had a full night of sleep, right? Oh wait, yes you can! You were probably about three months pregnant and still basking in the glow of the idea of bringing a baby into the world. Well, sorry to say this article is not about you. It is about sleep mistakes made by...

The Happiest Jobs By Working Moms

Ever wonder what the happiest mothers out there do for a living? Apparently the happiest jobs for working mothers out there include opportunities for growth, a balanced work and home life, great pay, benefits and career satisfaction. For the most part this is a no brainer! We all want...
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