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Getting Our Yard Ready For Spring!


  As the snow is finally starting to melt off our beautiful San Francisco peaks right here in Sunny Flagstaff AZ, we have big plans for our outdoor spaces. It’s this time of year where we continue projects we’ve put off over the winter and get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine. The boys don’t have […]

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When You Live In Paradise, Where Do You Go To Escape?

One of my favorite shows is House Hunters. About three years ago, House Hunters was all my husband and I ...
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$50 Flash Giveaway!

Once again I am excited to team up with Tina from Giveaway Booster to help give a reader some extra ...
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5 Things To Consider Before Bringing A Childcare Professional Into Your Home

Before we say anything else, let us say this: we fully support every woman’s right to make her own choices ...
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Photo Apr 07, 7 34 47 PM

The Best Photos From The Last Two Weeks on #WordlessWednesday

 Some weeks go by and hardly a picture is taken, while others are full of the happiness that surrounds me ...
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Blogger Opp: Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Wagon

NO LONGER ACCEPTING SIGN UPS   The awesome people at Little Tikes asked to team up with me to give ...
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Fun for Everyone: The Best All Around Ski Resorts in Canada

Canada has a fantastic range of ski resorts to choose from, and there is something for everyone. If you are ...
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Getting Your Family to Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle

Being a wife and a mom can really be tough. Every day is a juggling act as you manage the ...
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A Little Set Back, But Not Out Of The Game

Its been a little over a week since I wrote that post about how I wasn't going to let anyone ...
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How to Find the Right Commercial and Residential Painters in Melbourne

Painting is one of those tasks that many people think they can take on by themselves. Whether it’s painting their ...
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Life Lately


Out of Africa For My Six Year Old’s Birthday!

So last weekend my oldest turned six years old. And let me tell ya, I heard about his birthday and ...
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Blossoms and Tigers on #WordlessWednesday

I have not yet written about JJ's birthday. See my little big guy turned six years old on Saturday and ...
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Photo Mar 02, 3 01 36 PM

Legos and Math Problems on #WordlessWednesday

I didn't take many pictures last week. Only a few. It was quite a busy week.  This is one of ...
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Featured Recipes

Photo Mar 03, 11 25 22 AM

Cupcake Cookie Brownies

    Yeah you read that right. If you have a sweet tooth like I sometimes do and love cookies, ...
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Tortellini Meatball Soup

 On New Year's Day I decided to make a hearty soup for my family.   Over a foot of snow ...
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Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers!

Not every recipe that looks amazing in a cookbook or on Pinterest has to be hard. In fact I'm sure ...
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Photo Mar 04, 7 09 01 PM

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Topping!

So I make these to die for brownies and I thought I'd share my little secret right her on MOHTH ...
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Zucchini Bacon Fritters (With Chili Lime Sauce)

Zucchini Bacon Fritters With Chili Lime Sauce

I love pinterest! Don't you? I found a recipe on pinterest a couple of months ago that I knew I ...
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Mexican Lasagna Recipe

So the other day I was walking thru the store trying to figure out what my next recipe challenge should ...
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Home Improvement

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3 Tips To Keep Your Carpet Looking Clean And New!

Buying new carpeting can be very expensive. Therefore, you should do everything you can to keep the carpeting you have ...
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What To Look For In a Comforter

Are you in the market for a new comforter? As there are a seemingly endless range of brands, colors, patterns, ...
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Things You Can Do With Frozon Yogurt Cups

If you have children, then you have probably had days when they seem to have nothing to do at home ...
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Filters Help Keep Homes Healthier

People in many areas have been coping with one winter storm after another. Having a furnace that keeps your home ...
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Photo Dec 19, 3 41 12 PM

Is Your Cat’s Litter Box Embarrassing?

Many of you know that my husband and I are constantly working on our house. Its been one project after ...
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From Closet to Nook!

Last week we finally finished the kid's playroom! Its been a long process. It first started back in April when ...
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A Blast From The Past

Boston Victims

After This Week’s Tragedies

It has been a sad sad week around the world, not only in the U.S. but in other parts of the world that we haven't ...
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My Life Via Instagram

I am sorry for people who've already stopped by this morning wondering where the "My Life Via Instagram" post is. It was late...I was too ...
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NASCAR 3 Lap Ride Along Experience at PIR

Last weekend we went down to Phoenix so Hunky Hubs could experience what it was like to be in a race car. We went to ...
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Giveaways and Blogger Opps:

Little Tikes knows a lot of families will be spending time out doors this spring and summer and has offered ...
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NO LONGER ACCEPTING SIGN UPS   The awesome people at Little Tikes asked to team up with me to give ...
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