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Expressing Childhood Creativity


You remember being a kid, right? Playing pretend and dress up. Playing with toys and making up lives for your dolls, coloring outside the lines in your coloring books, etc. Imagine what childhood would have been like without that. So many things that we do as children are things that help foster our creativity, and […]

I have a 1st Grader!

Photo May 28, 8 06 55 PM

So I now have first grader! Today I attended my oldest’s Kindergarten graduation. It seems like I just sent him off to Kindergarten. And here he is 180 some days older and smarter! At the beginning of the school year, he didn’t know how to read, I failed to teach him much about phonics, and […]

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Another $50 Flash #Giveaway!

I love giving away cash to my readers! It's so exciting and I'm hoping one of you lovely readers gets ...
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Leave Your Cares Behind on a Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean cruises offer travellers the chance to experience some of the most breathtaking destinations in the world. The area is ...
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The Top 8 Ways for Moms to Relieve Stress

The Top 8 Ways For Moms to Relieve Stress

Stress is a common issue in many people’s lives. Moms are often the people who experience more stress than anyone ...
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How To Appreciate Dad on Father’s Day

A father’s job is never easy, especially when his tasks include everything from work and coaching sports to grill master ...
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The Luma Comfort High Power Evap Cooler

I live in Flagstaff Arizona. It gets hot in Arizona, but Flagstaff isn't like the desert of Phoenix, Flagstaff is ...
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Video Rewards App Review

Do you use your phone or tablet a lot during the day? How about at night? Those are silly questions, ...
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Molar in The Mirror Box Set and A Contest!

We all know that we should teeth our kids how to brush their teeth properly. Sometimes though it can be ...
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Photo May 08, 3 45 44 PM

Donuts With Dad and Muffins With Mom

So my Kindergartener, soon to be 1st grader, had a little function at his school this morning that was so ...
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Photo May 05, 9 49 40 PM

Baby Bears And Rope Swings on #WordlessWednesday

We've had another week full of fun and some adventures! My kids are totally loving their new "Little Tikes" rope ...
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Life Lately

Photo Apr 21, 4 24 15 PM

Ink Face on #WordlessWednesday

Decided to chew open a ball point pen and get ink everywhere.....#toddlers!     ...
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When Your Child’s School is on Lockdown

Over the last couple of days some schools in our school district were put on lock down when a message ...
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Photo Apr 14, 7 36 52 PM

The Water War is on #WordlessWednesday

These squirt toys were from the dollar store and provided hours of fun!    ...
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Featured Recipes

Photo Mar 03, 11 25 22 AM

Cupcake Cookie Brownies

    Yeah you read that right. If you have a sweet tooth like I sometimes do and love cookies, ...
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Tortellini Meatball Soup

 On New Year's Day I decided to make a hearty soup for my family.   Over a foot of snow ...
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Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers!

Not every recipe that looks amazing in a cookbook or on Pinterest has to be hard. In fact I'm sure ...
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Photo Mar 04, 7 09 01 PM

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Topping!

So I make these to die for brownies and I thought I'd share my little secret right her on MOHTH ...
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Zucchini Bacon Fritters (With Chili Lime Sauce)

Zucchini Bacon Fritters With Chili Lime Sauce

I love pinterest! Don't you? I found a recipe on pinterest a couple of months ago that I knew I ...
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Mexican Lasagna Recipe

So the other day I was walking thru the store trying to figure out what my next recipe challenge should ...
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Home Improvement/DIY


Getting Our Yard Ready For Spring!

  As the snow is finally starting to melt off our beautiful San Francisco peaks right here in Sunny Flagstaff ...
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3 Tips To Keep Your Carpet Looking Clean And New!

Buying new carpeting can be very expensive. Therefore, you should do everything you can to keep the carpeting you have ...
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What To Look For In a Comforter

Are you in the market for a new comforter? As there are a seemingly endless range of brands, colors, patterns, ...
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Things You Can Do With Frozon Yogurt Cups

If you have children, then you have probably had days when they seem to have nothing to do at home ...
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Photo Dec 19, 3 41 12 PM

Is Your Cat’s Litter Box Embarrassing?

Many of you know that my husband and I are constantly working on our house. Its been one project after ...
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From Closet to Nook!

Last week we finally finished the kid's playroom! Its been a long process. It first started back in April when ...
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Giveaways & Blogger Opps

I love giving away cash to my readers! It's so exciting and I'm hoping one of you lovely readers gets ...
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NO LONGER ACCEPTING SIGN UPS   The awesome people at Little Tikes asked to team up with me to give ...
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