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Get Pinned #Pinterest Party!


Welcome to “Get Pinned”!   What is this all about?  In an effort to get our recipes, crafts, work out routines or other ideas out there, this is a blog series called “Get Pinned” that will be featured on Thursdays. I hate rules, but there are rules here so that everyone will benefit from this […]

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Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers

Not every recipe that looks amazing in a cookbook or on Pinterest has to be hard. In fact I’m sure many recipes that look really really complicated probably have easier methods to them or alternate versions of the recipe that are just as good. Today I’m going to show you how to easily make stuffed bell peppers...

Zucchini Bacon Fritters With Chili Lime Sauce

I love pinterest! Don’t you? I found a recipe on pinterest a couple of months ago that I knew I had to try! I’ve never made anything remotely like this before, so it was an experiment to say the least, but it was one I’m so glad I tried because these fritters are to die for!! The original recipe ...
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Last week we finally finished the kid's playroom! Its been a long process. It first started back in April when we started painting it. But I have been waiting ever so patiently for my husband's awesome skills in building things. Ok, I wasn't really very patient....(But I am ooooh so grateful!) Before we got to work: Blah tan walls...


This time last weekend, we were assembling our family room entertainment center! I am happy to say this morning it is in full use and more beautiful than I ever pictured it! Last Friday night, my husband and I carefully measured, re-measured and measured again all the demensions we would need to build this thing. My husband was like a mad scientist with the pencil behind his ear and...
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The Terrible Twos

If you have a toddler, you have no doubt experienced the terrible twos. The frustrating screams that make you want to punch a wall, or put your head thru a wall. For us the terrible twos seem to be fueled by all the things my toddler is trying to become a perfectionist on. Most of his terrible two tantrums are because he can’t get his shoes on right, or he’s trying hard to put a puzzle...

Let Kids Help With Car Repairs

We hear a lot about life skills today, and even more about the fact that many children and teens simply don’t have them. What are these life skills that everyone is referring to? The World Health Organization and UNICEF define life skills as the abilities for adaptive and positive...
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