Our Not So Good Stay At The Tapatio Cliffs Resort

I have been so incredibly busy with painting the kids’ room this week that tons of things have been set aside…like blogging about our most recent hotel stay.

So here goes, the good bad and the ugly:

As soon as I was done doing the Climb to Conquer Cancer seven mile hike that you can read about here, we packed up the car and headed 200 miles to hot and steamy Phoenix Arizona. Ugh! Hunky Hubs had us staying at The Tapatio Cliff’s Resort in a nice Presidential Suite with an awesome view of the city at night. We get down to Phoenix and one of the first things we have to do, ALWAYS, on a trip is eat at In N’ Out. Its my hubby’s thing and I really can’t complain because its one of my favorite fast food joints as well.

After getting a bite to eat, we hit up Toys R Us, because we don’t have one in Flagstaff. J myster got a Toys R Us gift card from Lanny for his birthday and he was dying to spend it. This trip would mark his first time ever in a toy store because the toy aisle in Wal-Mart doesn’t count.

After we got necessities from Target for our stay, like munchies so you aren’t paying for a $7 bottle of water, we headed to the Tapitio Cliffs. It was hot. When I get hot, I get cranky really fast. We were trying to unload all of our stuff right in front of our building plus the kids in 100 degree heat because there was no close place to park. Keeping a 19 month old child from running out into the street while you are trying to juggle all your luggage is insane and twice the kid almost got run over.

We get inside and barely unpacked when I went to the bathroom to see it crawling with bugs. That is when I looked at the rest of the suite and there were bugs everywhere. Keep in mind this is supposed to be a 5 star resort. We immediately called the front desk and they changed our room to a different one, which meant more hauling of our stuff out into the heat.

Our new suite however had a better view and it was on the end of the building so we had a wrap around picture window to see the resort and a great view of Northern Phoenix.

It was pretty. I’ve always enjoyed a good desert rain too and it was a little stormy, mostly wind though. 
We settled in for the night at the hotel and ordered in Pizza because we didn’t want to go back out in the heat. The next day we were supposed to meet up with a few people, one of them being my mother. 
Getting ready for bed!
Out like a light on the fold out hide-abed. 
We got breakfast the next morning and visited Randy and Claire’s new apartment. 
JJ walking with Randy.
After that we headed back to the hotel so my mother could come visit with the kids. Now I didn’t notice any bees when I took my mother up in the elevator to our room, but when my husband went back out a couple of hours into her visit bees had swarmed and were attracted to a garbage can that hadn’t been emptied right at the elevator entrance. My mother walks with a cane because she has neuropathy. Climbing stairs is difficult for her. The first thing we did was call the front desk. They insured us they were sending someone over right now to empty the trash so the bees would disperse. If they sent someone they never did their job. Maybe because they too were afraid of the bees? In that instance they should have called pest control or some expert to help smoke out the bees or something. Anything! 
My father had to carry around an epi pen because he was deathly allergic to bees and I’ve never been stung, but my mother has always worried that I might be allergic since he was. We waited a half hour and the bees were still there, so because we had planned on hitting the resort’s waterfall pool area we needed to get my mother down to her car. We called again and they apologized and said they would send someone again. It never happened, so my mother had to climb down a flight of stairs at the end of the building to avoid the bees and I felt so bad she had to do that. 
We got her to her car safely and made a quick stop to get myself some bathing suite bottoms I had forgotten to pack and then we hit the resort’s waterfall park pool area. JJ was very unsure at first about the water, but with his pool floaty he was quickly making his way around the pool and didn’t want to get out. He was having a blast! I wish I had pictures but with all of us in the pool there was no way we could bring a camera or phone or anything without it getting wet. Both kids had so much fun and we desperately needed the cool down. 
The next day we checked out and I was glad to discover there was a Starbucks in the resort lobby, so I treated myself to Starbucks and discovered the bees still had not dispersed and the trash that was overflowing still had not been emptied. 
You can’t see the swarming bees in this picture, but there were probably ten of them crowded around the straw of that drink sticking out of the trash and hundreds of them inside the trash. 
Once again I avoided the elevator there to the right and took the stairs. 
When we checked out, my husband asked to speak to a manager about the problem since we had complained three times about the bees and we were denied the ability to speak to one. So since they were so uncaring about people with disabilities having to use the stairs to avoid the bee problem, I thought I would write-up this blog post about the resort and our experience there. Sure there was a great view and most of the resort was lovely. But this bee problem needed to be taken care of and the least they could have done was call us and give us an ETA. Tell us something about how they are trying to locate an exterminator or bee expert to move the bees or something along those lines, not completely ignore the situation. They could have given us a discount on our stay since we had to avoid the elevator when we were loading up the car…something to let us know they were sorry for what was going on, but they did nothing about the problem.  
*So if you are ever considering a stay at Tapatio Cliffs Resort keep in mind that the place is crawling with bugs and bees.* 

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  1. Ugh, that’s no way to spend a vacation! Sorry you had a bad stay :( I hate bugs and definitely hate bees, because I’ve never been stung as well and neither has Sofia. RJs mom is allergic to bees so I’m always afraid that Sofia is too. I love Arizona but will be mindful to never stay at this hotel!

  2. Gah, insects inside and bees outside, definite downers for the trip. So sorry you had to endure that!! It’s crazy they didn’t dump the garbage, eesh.

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